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 My Persian Angels specializes doll face traditional Persians.  Our Persian kittens are teacup, toy, and standard size. Persians can be many colors, we focus on white, silver, gold and bi-color Persians. My Persian Angels consider our cats as part of the family.  We raise all our persian kittens in our home to encourage  health and peaceful temperament.  We are able to provide environment necessary raise well socialized family pets.

Our Angels

 Are USDA Health Certified

All kittens come with a USDA approved health certificate signed by a licensed vet. During this health check, kittens are blood and stool tested negative for feline diseases and parasites. Age appropriate vaccinations are administered including a feline booster. 

Exam includes the following:

  • Kittens are tested negative for Feline Leukemia (FELV) and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV).
  • Kittens are stool tested negative for parasites.
  • Kittens are examined free of external parasites including fleas, ticks, and ear mites.
  • Kittens receive an overall check-up including heart, ears, and eyes.
  • Kittens receive age appropriate vaccinations.
  • Kittens receive deworming medication.

Our kittens come with a written health guarantee against serious genetic health issues. 

Personality Characteristics

Doll-Face Persians

Doll face Persian kittens are well known for their sweet and gentle natures. They treasure security and serenity, but if given patience, love and ample opportunity, they will adapt to most households and adjust to their new environments.

The voice of a Persian is quiet and doesn’t grate on the ears, like some other breeds. They have expressive faces and beautiful eyes that they also use to communicate with their owners. They tend to be restive, rather than active and are down-to-earth, preferring to keep their paws on solid ground, rather than up climbing the drapes.

Doll-face Persian cats are fun-loving and playful, demanding little but care and affection. Good companions, doll-face Persians make wonderful pets for people of all ages.

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Our babies are adopted quickly, so reach to reserve your furever friend or if you have any questions about our Persian Kittens.  We look forward to being Your Furever Family Breeder of Doll Face Persian Kittens.

My Persian Angels Doll Face Kittens


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POLICIES WITH DEPOSITS:   Please do not put a deposit down until you are sure you would like a kitten.  Deposits are non refundable, but transferrable to another kitten in a future litter, however, not before another buyers reservation.  

Kittens are sold as Pets, no breeding rights.  Approved buyers may have breedin rights for additional cost.

Please only use Friends and Family section on Paypal for all deposits.


We breed only CFA Registered moms and dads.   

When we take kittens off the available list when reserve and loose the option to sell to another buyer.  Please be sure you want one of our angels.